Thursday, August 11, 2011

The List

As a writer I come up with ideas exponentially faster then I can write them. In an effort to keep track of where I am I made a list. It consits of is every idea that I presently have; broken up by genera. I plan to hang the list over my desk and cross things off as I publish them.  I also got some cheep spiral notebooks from Wal Mart and I'll try and outline ahead of myself so that I'm not losing good ideas because they are deep in the queue.

My attempt to stay organized.

Sci- fi
The Age of Chaos
     -Conflict Within
     - First Stand
     - Fate's Crest
     - The Moltar Gambit

The Age of Strife (three books)

The Phoenix (a retooling of my SW fan fic to work in my established sci-fi world.)
Retribution (I got a cool way to novelize the short movie I made years ago)


The Long Night
The Three Thieves
The Long Winter 1-3
The Dwarf Wars
Lysta's Long Night


Killing to Know (Calvin Hobbs)
The Agility Murders (Calvin Hobbs)
Bodies under 95 (Calvin Hobbs)
Meat Cleaver (Calvin Hobbs)
Breaking Overnight
The Yokai Project

Those titles are of course subject to change. And things will get added as time goes on I'm sure.

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