Sunday, January 1, 2012

To old keyboards

The keyboard that I had been using for the last few years, finally started to die on me last week. It would go through phases where it became hard to type, the commands were not getting from the keyboard to the computer without a lot of force on the keys or a long delay period.  i'm not sure what what was wrong with old faithful I just knew that her time was at an end. 

The old keyboard.

That keyboard and I had a good run toghter, especally for the ten bucks I payed for it at Target. that keyboard got me through four novels, countless forums posts and status updates, and hours of gaming time.  I only had two complates about the devices, the funky not real F keys and that fact that it was to quiet. 

As a writer I am in love with that old click klack that typewriters make, and as thus gravatate to cheep loud keyboards that will give me the same effect.  That had become harder and harder to find because more and more people are looking for quiet keyboards that have more in common with what you would find on a laptop then on a full sized keyboard made for a desktop computer. 

The new Keyboard

I found myself a new keyboard, that isn't horribly loud but isn't quiet ether, so that is about as good a compromise as I am going to get. I didn't spend ten dollars this time, but I hope that it will last me a few years longer, well see though I do tend to abuse the hell out of my keyboards. In look and form it is a full sized version of the small blue tooth keyboard that Alex got me to go with the Touchpad, both are made by HP and have that metal look that says stark cold efficiency. Also the F are real and not just strange hyper linked things to functions that don't work right. 

This post was of course written with the new keyboard. I would just like to have a moment of silence for all the keyboards that we have lost over the years, and the ones that we continue to use on a daily basis.

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