Monday, February 6, 2012

Timeline and other things

So the Writing Adventure is about more then just plugging what is out or talking about old writing. The adventure is how did we get to where we are today as people and society etc.

A few weeks ago I switched to Timeline on Facebook so that I would be just a little bit ahead of the grandmothers and Luddites, (even people who hate tech have Facebook right?) As I was going through old posts I could see trends, mostly when I was watching a show I was really enjoying. In other words I would like to apologize for filling peoples news feeds with the following, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, The Wire, Stargate, etc.

Another thing that I found was this. 

A note that I pulled off somebodies wall that asked 25 uninteresting questions.  That was Feb of 09 now that it is 12, I figure I will see how things have changed how have I grown up or regressed, as the case might be.  (New comments in Bold)

OK so it happened. You know the drill.

1. I have come to realize I like frak more then well you know.
I still like frak but have gone back to using the old triad and true, original. I do now say Godsdamn a lot go figure.

2. I am incapable of sitting still. Weather it be just tapping my foot rapping my fingers or having a leg spasm.
Still true, I suck at sitting or standing still.

3. I know the run time in minutes of every movie I own and most I rent or see.
I don't see as many but I do always look up the run time, and can peace things together from trailers.

4. I have a 125 page outline for a novel I have started twice but well probably never finish.
I will finish it damn it! I wrote 40k words on it last spring and want to go back after I knock out Bodies under 95.

5. Yes I gained 50 pounds in a semester. I blame Beer.
Haven't lost it haven't started eating right, still drink Beer, could use one right now.

6. I listen to talk radio in the car when I'm alone because it helps me focus to pretend a person is there. I do this even though I want to kill conservative pundits.
We have a great new version of NPR, so Rush and Glen don't get my blood pressure up anymore.

7. Real blood makes me sick but fake blood is a blast.
Still true.

8. I hated dogs till Gaius came along.
Yup, can't fathom why though.

9. I almost voted for Roslen/airlock 08.
They would have killed Osama faster, and spaced a few bankers saving us billions.

10. When I walk I look at my feet like they are going to not work or something.
I haven't fallen yet, no need to try anything new.

11. I own a fedora so that my shadow can look bitchen cool.
You can't have a black wool coat without a fedora, I'm sure that is a law or something.

12. I know how to and enjoy cross stitching. Though I suck at it.
My thread box mostly fixes clothing now. Though I did give one of Gaius's toys a Col. Tigh eye patch with some cross-stitching fabric.

13. I own a 1gig ipod nano that I never use, and have no intention of getting a bigger one or a smart phone in the future.
iPod touch and want a smart phone so bad it isn't funny. What the fuck was I thinking, I mean really?

14. I watch horrible TV shows that I don't even like because they are in High Def.
I don't watch crap TV on my own, or SD willingly for anything that wasn't shot that way.

15. I have gained and lost real life friends over World of Warcraft.
Haven't lost or gained anymore which is good, though if I played TOR more that might change.

16. I got into news because I couldn't draw and VCU hides film behind AFO.
Three Years doesn't make that statement any less factual.

17. extremists on both sides of the political spectrum piss me the frak off. Hasn't anybody heard of common frakking since and compromise.
Oh Padawan you knew nothing in the good old days of '09.

18. I fully expect to have a heart attack by age 40. If not from the temper it well be the McDonalds.
Ya, that is probably sadly still true, running is for crazy people.

19. The world isn't as creepy alone at 3am as I thought it would be.
True, now that I am out of the city it has gotten better. Though that first night of pitch blackness an quiet was really unnerving.

20. I am a lazy slob who has yet to grasp that clothing goes in a dresser. It took me years to understand the dirty clothing doesn't belong on the floor with clean in the hamper.
I have regressed to dirty goes on the floor, clean goes in the dryer.

21. I can't spell and I no longer give a frak about it.
No since fighting with it, that is what spell check, editors, and Google are for.

22. I am able to judge people by the movies and TV shows they like. And I'm OK with that.
If you haven't watched The Wire you really shouldn't be allowed to vote.

23. Anybody who loves Babylon 5 is instantly my friend. To a lesser extent with SeaQuest.
I think NBC could have a hit if they let Ron Moore Fix-up SeaQuest like he did Battlestar.

24. I am sick of people thinking I'm a chick at restaurants. I cut off the damn pony tail five years ago. I know its kind of long now but lord I'm an ugly chick.
Almost a decade later and it still happens, I might as well just get fake tits and call it a day.

25. I love puns and am not ashamed about it at all.
Presented without comment.

Some stuff has changed some has not, but it was cool to see a snapshot from the past.

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