Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is The Lost Tower

So I said after the first hundred pages I would let people in on what I was working on. I thought about pulling some JJ Abrams crap and releasing a single word or something like that but decided that would be silly.

I'm sure you all remember The Long Night (all of you did read it right... of course you did). Anyway for a while I had been thinking how do I write a sequel to a story that has a very very definitive ending. I'm not spoiling anything by saying that it doesn't end with a to be continued or end of part one tag.

Anyway I finally figured out a sort of sequel. The Lost Tower builds off of things that were set up in The Long Night and takes place in the same world fifty years later. Think of it as kind of how The Hobbit is related to Lord of the Rings. That is also an apt comparison when it come to talking about scope, Because if this book is as long as I think it might turn out to be, I have at least a dualogy on my hands but probably a trilogy. That said I am going to write it as a single book and then worry about splitting later. I think stopping and splitting The Conflict Within is what killed my interest in the story.

So What is the story?

Rumors are coming from the west that Tygosh the longtime rival of the now fractured city of Lysta is building an army and marching on a war of conquest. A shadowy noble puts together a group of adventures to seek out a long lost relic called the Star of Fle'net, which he believes might help unite and save the city.

The only information they have about the star mentions three towers, and so the group sets out on their quest.

That is all for now, I'll do some character profiles or something a bit later down the line. For now it was just cool to dust off the blog.

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